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Experienced Atlanta Injury and Product Liability Attorneys

Product Liability

Product liability cases concern the potential liability of manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors or vendors when injuries are caused due to dangerous or defected products. Product liability lawsuits are designed to protect consumers from dangerous products, to hold corporations responsible, and to try and assure that companies only put safe products into the stream of commerce.

Product liability lawsuits frequently involve traditional retail products, such as automobiles, medical drugs and devices, and electrical machinery. However, product liability law is equally applicable to defects in non-traditional products, such as siding on houses, defective air condition systems, among others.

Different Legal Handling for Design, Manufacturing, or Marketing Defects

In Georgia, like most states, product liability lawsuits are brought under a number of legal theories, and it is important that your attorney be familiar with this area of the law. One potential theory is referred to as a design defect theory. In this type of case the injured party alleges that the product was designed in a way such that the product is dangerous when used as intended.

A manufacturing defect case alleges that there were errors in the manufacturing process of the product that resulted in the product being defective.

Finally, a marketing defect case alleges that the warning or labels on the product prevented the user from recognizing a dangerous propensity of the product, thereby making the product defective.

Experienced Product Liability Lawyers

Product liability cases are extremely complex and expensive, and they should only be handled by attorneys with experience in this area of the law and with significant resources to take on large corporations. At Henry Spiegel Milling LLP, we have a wealth of experience handling product liability cases and we have achieved significant results for our clients.

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