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Experienced Atlanta Injury and Product Liability Attorneys

Determining Responsibility for an Injury

Georgia Law Firm Helps Personal Injury Victims

Establishing negligence is the key to determining responsibility in a personal injury case. By reviewing police reports, medical records, witness testimony, expert analysis, and other official documents, an experienced personal injury lawyer from Henry Spiegel Milling LLP evaluates the circumstances of your accident to determine whether negligence caused your personal injury and whether filing a lawsuit is the best step for you.

Negligence and Automobile Accidents

If you suffered a personal injury in any type of automobile accident, it is critical to establish the negligence of the driver who caused the accident. A driver is negligent when he or she is inattentive or irresponsible or behaves in ways that endanger the lives of fellow drivers and their passengers.

Serving the entire state of Georgia, personal injury lawyers from Henry Spiegel Milling LLP can help clients with injuries caused by negligent drivers who:

  • Failed to obey established speed limits or other safety laws
  • Used an electronic device while driving, such as a mobile phone, GPS, or music player
  • Drove while extremely fatigued
  • Drove under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Negligence and Medical Malpractice

Injuries can also be caused by the negligence of a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare provider. Your attorney from Henry Spiegel Milling LLP can help you determine if a medical professional took a negligent misstep that cost you your health or wellness.  These are some of the instances in which malpractice can occur:

  • Misdiagnosis of a condition or failure to diagnose
  • Surgical errors
  • Medication or anesthesia errors, such as in dosing or prescribing
  • Failure to monitor your status or recovery

Negligence and Defective Products

If a consumer product caused you injury, it may have been due to negligence by the manufacturer, designer, or vendor of the product. A personal injury attorney from Henry Spiegel Milling LLP can use his or her expert resources to help determine if the product that caused you harm was poorly designed, improperly constructed, or distributed without proper warning of its risks.

Negligence and Premises Liability

Unsafe or hazardous conditions on a public property can cause personal injury. For example, wet floors may cause slip-and-fall accidents, while exposed wiring can cause electrical shock. Using their extensive knowledge of United States and Georgia personal injury laws, our attorneys can help determine if the property owner was negligent in the maintenance of his or her property.

Providing Quality Personal Injury Representation to Clients in Atlanta and Throughout Georgia

Personal injuries can diminish the quality of your life. If you were hurt and need a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, Decatur, DeKalb County, Stone Mountain, or in any part of Georgia, contact the law firm of Henry Spiegel Milling LLP today to speak with one of our qualified attorneys. Our personal injury lawyers regularly represent clients suffering from negligence-related injuries.

We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients in personal injury cases. If you want an experienced law firm to assist you in your Georgia personal injury case, call Henry Spiegel Milling LLP at 866-959-3877 or use our email form and contact us today for a free consultation.