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How to Prevent Automobile Accidents in Georgia

Each year, millions of Americans are involved in car accidents. While many walk away unharmed, a greater number are injured or killed. Ultimately, the auto accident with the best outcome is the one that does not happen.

Our successful record is well documented in our Verdicts & Settlements. But the Georgia automobile accident attorneys at Henry Spiegel Milling LLP are more concerned about the safety of our clients. Every driver should exercise the cautious driving practices needed to prevent an accident in Georgia whenever possible.

Preventing Georgia Automobile Accidents

Each automobile accident attorney at Henry Spiegel Milling LLP has seen many examples of accidents that might have been avoided through better driving habits and practices. The following tips may help you avoid accidents in the future:

  • Obey the law—and more:  Observe all road signs and signals, and recognize that posted speed limits may be too high for wet, icy, or low visibility conditions. Also, remember that laws exist for child restraint and seatbelt usage to help avoid serious injury when an accident cannot be avoided. Finally, do not drink or use drugs and drive.

  • Avoid distracted driving: Never text while driving, and even hands-free cell phone usage should be reduced or eliminated. Recognize how many situations can be distracting. Eating and drinking—and even driving while angry or upset—can take your attention away from the road.

  • Regularly maintain your vehicle: Vehicle failure can be a major cause of accidents. Enlist the help of a reputable mechanic to periodically check the condition of your tires and their pressure, the brakes, fluid levels, and anything else that can lead to an accident.

  • Be alert: Drowsy driving can affect your ability to maintain control over your vehicle in much the same manner as drunk driving. And even when you are awake, it is important to always remain watchful of the road and the behavior of drivers around you.

Of course, even perfect drivers cannot always avoid an accident. In these cases, a Georgia auto accident lawyer from Henry Spiegel Milling LLP is here to help.

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The outcome of an automobile accident in Atlanta and related insurance claims and lawsuits can change your life. A skilled Georgia automobile accident lawyer can help ensure that outcome is positive. At Henry Spiegel Milling LLP, our dedicated attorneys represent clients involved in automobile accidents in Atlanta and throughout Georgia.

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