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Dangerous Medical Devices

Medical Alert: The FDA has issued an important warning about the dangers of transvaginal mesh implants. Click this link to read about what that could mean to you from our transvaginal mesh implant attorneys.

Every year, new medical devices are introduced by manufacturers trying to capitalize on this explosive market.  These medical devices include implants, prosthetic devices (such as artificial knees, hips and ankles), and surgical equipment (such as mesh used in hernia repair operations).

Some Devices Do Not Have Adequate Testing

All new medical devices are supposed to be tested to assure that they are safe for use in patients, but the reality is that often these devices end up on the market without adequate testing.  Manufacturers are simply to aggressive and the FDA is too overwhelmed to keep up with the new products.

Medical devices that are not properly tested or that are used without proper training and experience by the physician led to many significant injuries and unnecessary deaths each year.

Georgia Attorneys Experienced in Dangerous Medical Device Cases

At Henry Spiegel Milling LLP, we have the resources and experience to take on large manufacturers and bring justice to deserving victims who have been injured by dangerous medical devices.

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