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Common Physician and Hospital Errors That Lead to Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Physician errors cause about 97,000 deaths each year and are a factor in about 60 percent of medical malpractice claims that involved patients injured because of missed or delayed diagnoses. The following are the most common types of physician and hospital errors:

  • Physician practices errors: The most common types of errors reported among physician practices involve ordering the right prescription, matching proper lab tests with the right patient, inadequate or improper decisions made from interpreting lab results, improper dispensing of medications, and filing errors.

  • Hospitals errors: By far, the most common error reported in hospitals involves some type of medication error, with wrong prescription orders making up about two-thirds of all reported medication errors. In addition, errors in the hospital lab and the hospital pharmacy can lead to medical mistakes.

Why Do Medical Errors Occur?

Following are some typical reasons why medical errors take place:

  • Staff shortage: Nursing shortages affect hospitals around the nation. As a result, errors tend to happen more often than they should.

  • Lack of adequate training, skill, or experience: There was a time when registered nurses assisted doctors with their patients. Today, doctors use medical assistants, who require less formal training. In addition, errors can even occur among doctors and registered nurses who may lack knowledge, skill, or experience in a particular medical area.

  • Failure to follow rules and procedures: All healthcare facilities have procedures and policies with regard to which treatment has to be provided to patients. Errors occur when hospital staff members fail to follow proper protocol.

  • Communication breakdown: When information and orders are not communicated properly, patients can suffer as a result.

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