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Auto Accident Attorneys in Georgia Protect Your Rights to Fair Insurance Settlement

According to car insurance accident statistics, U.S. roads see more than 12 million accidents every year, and the average driver is involved in a collision approximately every six years. When an auto accident is complex and involves serious injury or disability, victims often turn to legal options such as lawsuits to pursue compensation. But the majority of claims are filed against insurance companies.

All too often, victims do not collect the full and fair compensation they deserve from the insurance company for a variety of reasons:

  • They do not understand how insurance works and wrongly assume the first settlement offer from the insurance company is final.

  • They do not accurately predict the full expenses for their medical care.

  • They are victims of bad faith insurance practices.

How an Auto Accident Attorney at Henry Spiegel Milling LLP in Georgia Can Help

It is common to think of an insurance claim as a do-it-yourself project. But the Georgia auto accident attorneys at Henry Spiegel Milling LLP can help achieve the best possible results by getting involved during any stage of your claim, such as the following:

  • Determining if an insurance claim is the right option:  Depending on the severity of a Georgia auto accident, it may not be possible to achieve the full settlement you deserve through an insurance claim, which typically compensates only for direct monetary losses. Our attorneys review all possible options, advising you of the potential advantages—and risks—of each option.

  • Providing advice prior to filing your claim:  Our attorneys can advise you before filing your claim and help you understand the claim process—and how your statements are interpreted by claims adjustors. With our help, you know what to say and what to avoid saying to provide the best chances of receiving fair treatment by the insurance company.

  • Reviewing insurance settlement offers:  You may receive a settlement offer quickly after filing your claim, and you may be tempted to sign it and move on. But the first offer is not necessarily the best offer, and signing a settlement agreement instantly ends your rights to receive further compensation for the claim. Our attorneys have the experience to recognize a fair settlement. By having us review the offer, we can advise you to pursue additional compensation when needed.

  • Negotiating with insurance company representatives:  Whether your claim is denied or you deserve a larger settlement than offered, we have a unique advantage in negotiating your claim—three of our partners began their careers defending large insurance companies and corporations against personal injury claims. This provides us extensive insight in how to negotiate on your behalf with adjustors and other insurance company representatives to help pursue the full compensation you deserve.

Contact the Georgia Auto Accident Attorneys at Henry Spiegel Milling LLP Today

The outcome of a car accident can change your life. Our skilled auto accident attorneys can help ensure that your outcome is positive.

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