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Experienced Atlanta Injury and Product Liability Attorneys

Results Matter

The lawyers of Henry Spiegel Milling LLP have successfully resolved hundreds of complex personal injury and death cases over the past three decades, many of which provided millions in compensation to clients who suffered unimaginable injury and loss.  Below is a sample of our cases.

Representative Jury Verdicts

Marion v. Little

$36,000,000 jury verdict

Negligent Surgery Resulting in Death

Ray v. United States of America

$3,500,000 judgment

Brown v. Grady

$14,900,000 jury verdict

Brain Damaged After Overdose of medication

Scott v. Arrow

$5,600,000 judgment

Trucking Accident Resulting in Multiple Orthopedic Injuries and Closed Head Injury

Martin v. Johnson

$3,740,000 jury verdict

Automobile Collision Resulting in Death of Two Individuals

Lawrence v. Columbus Medical Center

$3,500,000 jury verdict

Brain Damaged Due to Inadequate Resuscitation

Byrd v. Daus

$2,800,000 jury verdict

Birth Injury and Death

Daly v. Duncan

$1,430,000 jury verdict

Death Resulting from Failure to Recognize Bowel Injury Following Hernia Surgery

Jones v. Yuscavage

$1,400,000 jury verdict

Partial Paralysis from Failure to Diagnose Spinal Cord Injury

Allard v. Emory

$1,200,000 jury verdict

Failure to Diagnose Aortic Aneurysm

Jordan v. Emory

$1,200,000 jury verdict

Stroke After Surgery

Tritt v. Dekalb

$840,000 jury verdict

Complications of Gallbladder Surgery

Representative Georgia Personal Injury Settlements


Motor Vehicle Collision in a Construction Zone at Night, Resulting in Serious and Permanent Injuries to Occupant of One of the Vehicles


Brain Damage After Neurosurgery


Brain Damage After Failure to Diagnose Heart Attack


Failure to Diagnose Brain Tumor Resulting in Permanent Injuries


Brain Damage Due to Stroke


Failure to Diagnose Heart Problem Resulting in Multiple Surgeries and Brain Injury


Failure to Timely Diagnose Lung Cancer Resulting in Death


Woman Suffered From Amputations After Severe Infection


Brain Damage After Failure to Diagnose Pneumonia


Birth Injury


Woman Burned to Death Following Truck Accident


Improper Design and Construction of Roadway Caused Water to Collect on Roadway Resulting in a Hydroplane Accident Involving Teenage Driver and Wrongful Deaths


Brain Injured Child Who Ingested a Foreign Object at Daycare


Failure to Diagnose Blood Disorder Resulting in Death


Severe Abdominal Injuries After Surgery


Failure to Diagnose Cervical Cancer Resulting in Death



Death of Mother and Child


Death Resulting from Failure to Give Antibiotics Before Surgery


Failure to Timely Diagnose Breast Cancer


Brain Injury – Improper Maintenance of Roadway Caused Water Collection on Highway Leading to Hydroplane Accident


Man Died After Under Riding the Trailer


Truck Driver Died Following Collision Caused by Another Truck


Death From Rollover of Vehicle Due to Alleged Failure to Install Electronic Stability Control


Severe Injuries to Child After Fall in Retail Store


To Diagnose and Treat Infection Following Gastric Bypass Surgery


Policy Limit Settlement for Man Injured in Tractor Trailer Collision


Policy Limits Settlement for Woman Injured During the Removal of an Endotracheal Tube From Her Throat in the Hospital


Failure to Diagnose and Treat Atherosclerotic Hart Disease


Failure to Diagnose and Treat Infection.

Confidential Settlement Above the Policy Limits for Young Man Rendered Quadriplegic in Automobile Accident.

Continue reading about our successful injury settlements and jury verdicts.  Call us any time toll free at (866) 959-3877, or email us for additional information.

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