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Causes of Atlanta Car Accidents

Of the 306,000 automobile crashes that occurred in the state of Georgia in 2008, more than 46,000 took place in Fulton County, which has the largest population per square mile of any county in the state.

It is important for anyone involved in a car accident in Atlanta, Decatur, or anywhere in Georgia to retain the highly qualified attorneys at Henry Spiegel Milling LLP, who have local knowledge of state roadways and other considerations that can become important factors in any claim or lawsuit.

A Car Accident in Atlanta or Anywhere in Georgia Is Typically Preventable

The sad truth is that most accidents do not have to occur. The following are a few examples of accidents that can be prevented if all drivers follow the law and use common sense:

  • Speed:  In 2006, speed-related crashes accounted for 5.3 percent of all crashes, 8.7 percent of all injuries, and almost 22 percent of all fatalities.

  • Drunk driving:  Although media reports indicate texting is a serious risk while driving, in Georgia, drunk driving remains the number one killer. Georgia law permits victims of car accidents caused by drunk driving to seek punitive damages in addition to compensation for property damage and injuries.

  • Distracted driving:  Another leading cause of car accidents is distracted driving, which has become even more serious now that many people talk on the phone or text while driving. In 2010, Georgia enacted two new distracted driving laws. One prohibits writing, sending, or reading text messages while operating a motor vehicle. The other completely prohibits anyone 18 and younger from use of a wireless device while driving.

Big Cities Add Risks to Driving

Due to the large population, Fulton County can claim about half of Georgia car accidents. In 2006, the Georgia Department of Transportation reported 151,000 crashes in Atlanta alone.

The number of vehicles on Atlanta roads is a major reason why Fulton County has the largest number of car accidents when compared with other Georgia counties. Typical causes for big-city car accidents include the following:

  • Traffic congestion
  • Complex traffic patterns
  • Stress and confusion of rush hour traffic

In addition, the higher concentration of commercial vehicles increases the risk of truck accidents, which pose a high risk of serious injury or death.

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Whether you are dealing with big-city traffic in Atlanta or driving in Stone Mountain or Decatur, a car accident cannot always be avoided through your own safe driving practices. A skilled Atlanta car accident lawyer at our firm can help achieve a positive outcome if you are the victim of an accident in Atlanta—or anywhere in Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb, Gwinnet, and Forsyth counties.

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