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Roadway Defects

Henry Spiegel Milling has achieved tremendous outcomes for its clients in roadway defect cases. These claims are often overlooked in incidents that are perceived to be nothing more than simple automobile accidents. The firm has the experience to recognize these claims that others miss.

Often, a defect in a roadway is a contributing cause—if not the only cause—of an automobile collision.

Hydroplane Accidents

One example is hydroplane accidents. In these cases, a driver unexpectedly encounters a collection of water in the roadway and loses control of his or her vehicle, often with tragic consequences.Henry Spiegel Milling LLP has the expertise to determine if the water in these cases was caused by an improper condition of the road.

This analysis requires the consultation of an engineer who can survey the existing conditions to determine if the roadway was built in accordance with proper highway construction practices. If it was not, it may be appropriate to bring a claim against the roadway contractors who improperly graded and/or paved the roadway, as well as the public entity which oversaw and approved that construction.

Shoulder Drop-Off Defects

Another category of roadway defects is shoulder drop-offs. Often there exists a pavement drop-off adjacent to a regular paved travel lane, due either to ongoing construction on the shoulder, or to poor roadway maintenance. In either instance, any drop-off of greater than two inches can pose a serious hazard to the motoring public. All too often, the police investigation does not uncover the role of the drop-off in causing a collision. An analysis is necessary to determine whether such a roadway defect contributed to the incident, as well as who was responsible for maintaining the roadway edge or for channeling traffic away from it.

Highway Construction Hazards

During highway construction, temporary traffic control measures, such as warning signs, traffic barrels or other devices, are used to warn the motoring public and guide them away from any hazards. The use and placement of such traffic control devices are governed by state and federal standards and regulations, and when those rules are not followed, serious accidents may occur.

An Attorney Can Help You Determine If Roadway Defects Contributed to Your Accident

Sometimes what looks like an ordinary car wreck is actually a much more complex situation, with many facts and circumstances that warrant careful consideration.Henry Spiegel Milling LLP is accustomed to performing this kind of analysis and determining what parties are potentially responsible. To view a sampling of the results we have obtained for clients in this area, please click on settlements and verdicts.

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