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Documentation for a Brain Injury Lawsuit

Head and brain injuries carry the frightening possibility of permanent disability. If you or a loved one suffer a head injury, Henry Spiegel Milling LLP has the experience and legal talent to help you face the financial and legal challenges ahead.

If injured through the misconduct of another, you may have a legal cause of action to recover compensation to provide financial support into the future.

Our Georgia Law Firm Can Help

While considering a head or brain injury lawsuit may seem almost impossible as you wrestle with changes to your life, retaining our highly qualified law firm is important to the long-term success of settlement negotiations or litigation of your brain injury claim.

Our reputation throughout Georgia for excellence in trial advocacy and aggressive protection of the rights of our clients often provides an edge in gaining satisfactory settlement results.

Advancing a Georgia head injury claim to the settlement table or the courtroom requires thorough case preparation. To properly prepare your case, appropriate information is required to support your claim. Documentation important to Georgia head or brain injury litigation includes the following:

  • Accident evidence: Collecting and retaining evidence of your accident is important. Accident reports, photographs, clothing, damaged vehicles, testimony, and records from Georgia law enforcement, medical providers, and other investigative responders can assist with future litigation. Our law firm provides skilled investigative services throughout Georgia to assist with documenting head injury and other personal injury claims.

  • Medical records: With a brain injury, getting immediate, qualified medical help is crucial. Symptoms of brain injury may worsen over time, bleeding in the brain is often difficult to detect, and an emergency can develop quickly in the days or weeks following an accident. Remain in contact with medical providers, follow advice, retain medical and hospital documentation, and keep scheduled appointments. Responsible healthcare and a complete medical record are important to protecting a claim down the line for settlement monies.

  • Personal and financial information: Understanding your life before your brain injury—and after it—is important to preparing for settlement or litigation in Georgia. Income and financial information, photographs of your injuries, statements by family members of the effects your injury has had on your life assist us in achieving the best possible outcome for a head injury claim we pursue on your behalf.

Henry Spiegel Milling LLP Can Help with Georgia Brain Injury Litigation

Representing clients in Atlanta and throughout Georgia, the law firm of Henry Spiegel Milling LLP offers experienced, compassionate legal counsel for people with head or brain injuries. Contact us or call 866-959-3877 today to discuss your case, the consultation is free.