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Accidents Caused by Semi-Truck Blind Spots

While all vehicles have blind spots, the ones on a semi-truck are much larger than those on a typical car, truck, or SUV. Unfortunately, many motorists are unaware of where these tractor trailer blind spots are located, and as a result, unintentionally put themselves in harm’s way. Truck drivers are typically trained to look out for smaller vehicles located in their blind spots, and when they fail to take proper precautions before making a turn or other maneuver, they may be held liable for damages to injured motorists.

Location of Semi Blind Spots

Due to their length and height, tractor trailer trucks have four large blind spots:

  • In front of the truck’s engine
  • Directly behind the truck’s trailer
  • Along the left side of the trailer near the driver’s door
  • Along most of the length of the right side of the trailer, extending several lanes out

Motorists should not remain in these areas because of the risk of collision. Sometimes, however, moving out of a truck’s blind spot is not a possibility. Even when drivers are passing with care, accidents can still occur.

Overcorrection to Avoid a Collision

Another dangerous result of truck blind spots is that motorists may overcompensate to avoid a collision once they realize that a truck driver does not see them. In this situation, a motorist may swerve into another lane or veer off of the road. These corrective actions can cause harm to motorists, their passengers, and pedestrians as well.

Shared Liability

In many blind spot accident cases, the truck driver and the motorist are presumed to be equally at-fault, which means they share liability for the collision. However, with more investigation, it may be determined that the truck driver made a maneuver too quickly or did not properly account for the truck’s blind spots. To avoid having liability wrongly shifted to an injured motorist, it is important to scrutinize truck accidents and determine whether the truck driver was in fact driving safely.  This typically requires the use of an expert in trucking accident reconstruction, something that our experienced tractor trailer accident lawyers are used to employing in our clients’ cases to ensure they get a fair result.

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